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Jim Lizakowski

     I started Square Dancing back in 1973 when my mother wanted me to take lessons.  She actually cried to get me to come and be her partner and after that first lesson I was hooked.  My mother dropped out after one year but I stayed with it for 8 more years.  I was president of the North Dakota Square and Round Dance Association when the N.D. State Convention was held in Grand Forks in 1980.  Square Dancing was very popular and we had over 1,200 dancers at the Convention.  After the Convention I was active for one more year but then took a break to raise a family and moved to Fargo in 1996.

     I met my wife, Rita, in 1998 (but we weren't married yet) and she happened to mention that a friend of hers had been taking Square Dance Lessons and had invited her to the graduation ceremony.  When we got to the dance the caller was just starting the second tip and was short one man to make another square so they asked if I could fill in.  I told them I hadn't danced in 20 years but I filled in the square anyway and that began yet another set of classes for Rita and I and we graduated the next year.  In 2001, I decided to give calling a try at the clubs amatuer night.  The dancers must have liked what they heard because they encouraged me to go into calling and with the support of my wife and the dancers I couldn't say no.

     Rita and I were finally married in 2004.  We had a church wedding and alot of our square dance friends attended so we had a "normal" wedding dance as well as square dancing.

     I have now been calling since 2002.  I am a member of the MN and ND callers Associations as well as the American Callers Association.  I have called at two MN State Conventions, four ND State Conventions and two International Conventions.  I have also appeared on the "Friendship Set To Music" cable TV program four times.  I presently travel in ND, MN and have called a dance in SD.  I say no distance is to far to travel to call a dance.  I call the MS level and have just started to work on Plus level calling.

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Contact Information:
Jim Lizakowski
2703 - 26th St. Circle S
Moorhead, MN 56560

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