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Richard Miller

     It took 54 years for Richard and Laura Miller to finally be introduced to Square Dancing.  In the late 1950's to early 1960's, Richard's Parents were Square Dancers and had Square Dance parties in their basement in Brainerd, MN.  Richard was at a very young age and it didn't influence him.  So he thought!  Richard and Laura had no Square Dance acquaintances while raising their children in Montevideo and no exposure to Square Dancing.  When they moved to Battle Lake in 2000, their lives changed dramatically.  It only took being introduced to Larry and Pat Johansen and other Battle Lake Club members.  Now they are making up for lost time.
    September    2000  Mainstream Lessons
    September    2001  Plus Lessons
    April             2003   (April Fools Day)  began practicing singing calls.

     Larry Johansen gave Richard a turn table, amp, speakers, a microphone and a few records to practice, and said you'll be doing a tip at the Club Dance next Sunday.  Richard just swallowed hard and practiced.  What else could he say!  His Father loved old country music and always sang it around the house.  I guess he is following in his footsteps to a degree. This is a small tribute to his Dad and his square dancing years.

     Richard has called dances for his Club, a few other clubs and guest tips thanks to other callers.  The bookings are starting to come.  

     Richard and Laura are their Clubs Presidents.  Their Club has hired Richard to teach Lessons.  He is in the process of teaching his third class, and feels that teaching is most rewarding, and the future of square dancing.  It is most rewarding to watch the new dancers practice their newly acquired skills and catch the enthusiasm and enjoyment of Square Dancing.  

     Richard and Laura have adopted the catch phrase “If it ain't fun it ain't Square Dancing”!  

     Richard has called on “Friendship set to Music”, the Steam Thrashers Show in Rollog and the Brainerd Jamboree.  He is looking forward to calling at his first State Square Dance Convention in Saint Cloud June of 2006

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Contact Information:
Richiard Miller
41182 Beauty Shores Trl
Battle Lake, MN 56515

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