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Royce Nelson

     I began square dancing in 1972, at a time when nearly every town had a square dance club and every club was full of young, active members.  Always fascinated by the calling abilities of Theron Johnson, my friend and local club caller, I thought of calling, but never took the initiative to give calling a try.  After 4 years active dancing, square dancing took a backseat to raising a daughter and pursuing a career.  

     In 2001, nearly 30 years later and 600 miles from where I first danced, I was brought back to square dancing with my wife, MaryAnn, through an incredible series of events.  Nearly as incredible were the events that again piqued my interest in calling.  I first called in 2002 and have been actively calling since.

     I have been teaching square dancing for as long as I have been calling and enjoy it just as much.  I regularly teach for my local club, the First City Squares in Bemidji and for the Friendly Squares in Park Rapids.  I also call at family & church camps, wedding receptions, parties and fundraisers.  

     My calling style is heavily influenced by my early experiences as an amateur DJ at high school sock hops, my fascination with creative and unique choreography, and my philosophy that I am foremost an entertainer.  I find that my favorite music is classic Top 40, DooWop, and country music, but I have a wide range of music genre in my case.  I try to call dances that are high energy and fun for everyone.

     I have attended the Rhythm Records Callers School and seminars with several national callers.  I am a member of CallerLab, Minnesota Square Dance Callers Assn, and am licensed by BMI/ASCAP.  MaryAnn and I are Presidents of the NW Region of the Minnesota Square Dance Federation and are hosts of the Golden Plus Square Dance Weekend.

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Contact Information:
Royce Nelson
118 - 4th St. NW
Bagley, MN 56621

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