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Dick Rueter

     Dick started square dancing in 1953 when he was a teenager in his native Nebraska and because he enjoyed the activity he continued dancing even when the ROTC took him to Fargo, ND.  Dick later moved to Duluth, MN and it was there he became a caller in 1967.

     Dick teaches small to large groups of people who have no dance experience. They are dancing in no time to various kinds of music.

     Dick teaches ABC, new dancers (Basic and Mainstream), and experienced dancers (PLUS). He is the regular instructor for three clubs: Crystal Crosstrailers (Plymouth), Spares and Pairs (Bloomington) and Westonka Whirlers (Mound).
     Dick is the caller and host of the TV Show, Friendship Set To Music. He is joined by guest callers quite frequently.

     Dick calls at special weekend events such as Granite Fest with Tom Allen and Jerry Junck, Thanksgiving Dance with Tom Allen and Lanny Weaklend and New Year's Eve with Tom Allen.

     Dick has recorded a few singing calls such as: Dream, Dream, Dream; Last Farewell; Somebody Special and Small World (with Mike Driscoll).

Dick and his wife, Mary, live in Farmington, MN.

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Contact Information:
Dick Rueter
16773 Edinburg Way
Farmington, MN 55024

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